Welcome to the Delphi Third Party Alliance. Our website is under slow construction.

What is D3PA?

The Delphi Third Party Alliance (D3PA) is a coalition of leading Delphi Third Party Vendors to represent the interests of third party vendors and foster the Delphi user community.

Currently our activities are limited to communication and collaboration between 3P vendors however in the future we will add community features for developers.

Join us!

  • D3PA Facebook Page – Our Facebook page
  • Delphi Forums – As the Embarcadero ones are often down or glitchy, we have launched Delphi forums in English and Portuguese. We can add other languages as needed.
  • Gitter Delphi Chat – Join us for Delphi Chat & Support Talk in our Gitter room. Talk to other Delphi users with support or just general Delphi topics 247!

Founding Members

The founding members (aka The Delphi Musketeers) of D3PA are:

Open Source Members

Want to Join?

Membership is closed currently however we are working on an application process for new members. Currently we are considering additional membership types such as Premier, Small Vendor, and Developer (non third party).